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Active general details
Active: 707/2019 Fuels by cards, NT Water Comp.
Description: Trading session will be held at the RCE Terminal from Piatra Neamț, nr. 35 Decebal Blvd, Bl. I4, on 14.11.2019, at 11.00 AM. Info: Sorina Bulai at the phone numbers from the buying order.
Quality instructions: The sales orders, warranties and requested documents will be sent until 14.11.2019 at 10.00 AM at the addresses mentioned in the buying order.
Localization details
Ring: Petroleum Products
Ring description:
Support asset: Fuels by cards and vouchers
Active support description:
Tender details
Procedure type: Simple
Sens: Buy
Settings details
Limit date: 14-Nov-2019
Negotiation currency: Romanian Lei (RON)
Payment currency: Romanian Lei (RON)
Measurement unit: Liter (l)
Delivery information details
Delivery time: Cf. O.I. 707/2019 (According to O.I. 707/2019)
Delivery conditions: Cf. O.I. 707/2019 (According to O.I. 707/2019)
Packing type: Cf. O.I. 707/2019 (According to O.I. 707/2019)
Payment type: Cf. O.I. 707/2019 (According to O.I. 707/2019)
Contract term: Cf. O.I. 707/2019 (According to O.I. 707/2019)
Warranty type: OP, SGB, CEC (PO, LGB, Ceque)
Quantity details
Quantity: 188,500 l
Minimum transactioned qty.: 188,500 l
Tranzaction (total/partial): Total
Warranties details
  On sell On buy
Warranty - lot value (RON): 10,000 RON 0 RON

Attached files

No. Document name   File name Attachment date  
1 Ordin Iniţiator (Buying Order) O.I._707_2019,_Carburanti-carduri,_Apa_Serv_SA_Neamt.docx 22-Oct-2019 11:39
2 Clarificare 1 (1st Clarification) Apa_Serv_NT_-_Clarificare_nr_1.pdf 11-Nov-2019 09:11
3 Documentaţie de atribuire (Procedure's files) DA_707_2019_(APA_SERV_SA_NEAMT).zip 22-Oct-2019 11:40
4 Model de Contract modif. (Modified Agreement) Contract_carburanti_2020_dupa_clarificari_DA.doc 11-Nov-2019 14:17
5 Clarificare 2 (2nd Clarification) Apa_Serv_NT_-_Clarificare_nr_2.doc 12-Nov-2019 16:28

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