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General products

Fungible goods of all kinds

Available support assets

No. Name   Description   Specifications
1 Meat
2 Deseuri
4 Fire wood
5 Miscellaneous goods Various goods that can not be put into a separate category, due to fewer transactions.
6 Precious Metals
7 Minereuri
8 Food products General food: cooking oil, flour, milk and derivates, meat, mineral water, and other products
9 Chemicals
10 Pipes

Current assets

No. Asset code   Asset name   Activ support   Sens   Quantity   Unit   Limit time   Details
1 331/2018 331/2018 Iron Scrap Deseuri Sell 200,000 Kilogram 28-Jun-2018 Show
2 372/2018 372/2018Canned food:GL Psych. Hospital Food products Buy 7 Lot 26-Jun-2018 Show
3 374/2018 374/2018372/2018 Food:GL Kids Hospitalo Food products Buy 11 Lot 28-Jun-2018 Show
4 369/2018 369/2018Fire woods: CRRPH Pastraveni Fire wood Buy 420 Cubic meter 03-Jul-2018 Show
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