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Petroleum Products

Available support assets

No. Name   Description   Specifications
1 Gasoline Car or airplane fuel
2 Fuels by cards and vouchers
3 Fuels (bulk)
4 Fuel biodiesel
5 Heatting fuels
7 Lubricant
8 Gasoil Gasoil5
9 Fuel Oil

Current assets

No. Asset code   Asset name   Activ support   Sens   Quantity   Unit   Limit time   Details
1 234/2019 234/2019 Diesel Fuel, CJ Railways Auth. Gasoil Buy 50 Tone 09-May-2019 Show
2 241/2019 241/2019Fuels by cards, TM Polith.Univ. Fuels by cards and vouchers Buy 51,000 Liter 09-May-2019 Show
3 246/2019 246/2019Fuels(Vouchers),Fetesti Pub.Adm. Fuels by cards and vouchers Buy 6,000 Page 09-May-2019 Show
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